Pearl 120: Worldly Wealth
Pearl 122: Faith

Pearl 121: Stewardship

TOPIC: Organization and Responsibility   

"And if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property,
who will give you property of your own?" - Luke 16:12.

God is watching how you treat that which belongs to another, which is called stewardship. That stewardship may be at work or in your personal life, for how you treat the things of others will determine how quickly God gives you your own. Do you borrow things and not return them? Is your work space a mess? Do you lose things at work, or have you neglected to organize your work area so you can maximize your efficiency and effectiveness for your employers? Have you given any thought to how you will organize your work team and projects?

Lord, I have been lax with those things that belonged to another while I long for my own. Today I see that You won't give me my own until I am a good steward over those things that are not mine! Forgive me for my attitude concerning the possessions of others. From this point, I will treat them like my own.


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