Pearl 85: Fatigue
Pearl 87: Your Team

Pearl 86: Time for God

TOPIC: Time and Priorities

"Listen now to me and I will give you some advice,
and may God be with you. You must be the people’s
representative before God and bring their disputes to him" - Exodus 18:19.

Moses' father-in-law gave him some good advice to stop doing all the work and establish clear priorities based on what it was that only he (Moses) could do, allowing others to do what they could do to free up Moses' time. Moses needed to spend more time with the Lord and less time with the people and their needs. That is good advice for you and me too. How is your prayer life? Are you spending the time you want and need in God's word? Are you taking time to think about what you are doing or need to do? Are you handing off tasks to others, even if you enjoy doing them, so that you have some discretionary time?

Lord, I am busy with all kinds of things that take me away from You, my Source of wisdom, strength, encouragement, and discernment. I need to do what Moses did, and that is to spend a little less time at work or with others and more time with you, sorting out my world and getting what I require from You for the work You have assigned me to do.


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