Pearl 68: Basic Needs
Pearl 70: More Values

Pearl 69: Governing Values

TOPIC: Time and Values

"Every Sabbath he reasoned in the synagogue,
trying to persuade Jews and Greeks" - Acts 18:4.

Every place Paul went, he went first to the synagogue to preach and proclaim Jesus. He did this not because Scripture commanded it but because he had a governing value that helped direct his decisions. You values must show up in your calendar and your checkbook for them to be truly values; otherwise they are just wishes or ideals. Then your values help you distinguish between truly important things (for you) and something that is urgently vying for your attention. Have you identified your values?  If so, are you talking about them or are they making their way into your daily schedule?

Lord, You have worked in me to establish values that are important to me. Now I want to make room for the expression of those values in my daily life. Help me to distinguish between the urgent and important, and then give me the courage and strength to make the important things my highest priorities.


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