Pearl 66: Sincerity
Pearl 68: Basic Needs

Pearl 67: Urgent Voices

TOPIC: Time and Priorities    

"Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready;
after that, build your house" - Proverbs 24:27.   

Time management is not mainly about getting more things done in less time. It is about the discipline and focus to get the most important things done in the midst of competing voices that are urgently crying out, "Do me, Pay attention to me!" Tomorrow we will start looking at a principle that will help you establish priorities in your life but, for now, you need to see the importance of priorities in your life and time management. Are you priorities clearly set on a daily basis?  Do you follow them, or only talk about them?  What urgent voices are vying for and winning your time?

Lord, I am easily distracted, and that causes me to pay attention to things that don't matter, or matter less than the most important things and people in my life. I need help to focus and the discipline to stay there! Show me how to establish and keep priorities so I can keep the main thing the main thing every day.


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