Pearl 7: Fruit
Pearl 9: Evidence

Pearl 8: Clarity

TOPIC:  Your Purpose Statement

"In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha
 (in Greek her name is Dorcas);
she was always doing good and helping the poor" - Acts 9:36.

This particular woman in a specific place had a personal purpose to care for the poor. Everyone else in the village saw what she saw, but only she was moved to action because God had created her to help the poor. Notice the clarity and simplicty of her purpose - just a few words that described what she did most often and best. Do you have this kind of clarity? Are you making your PurposeQuest too complicated? Are you actually so close to your situation that you cannot be objective and need someone to help you clarify your purpose?

Lord, I know I have a purpose and it's simple and been with me all my life. Help me to see it and to describe it with a few words that explode with meaning, just like they did for Dorcas. Help me also to move past my wrong thinking that may cloud my perspective of who I am in Your eyes.


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