Pearl 5: Names
Happy New Year from Kenya

Pearl 6: Staying Close

TOPIC: Purpose and Prayer    

"They presented these men to the apostles,
who prayed and laid their hands on them" - Acts 6:6.

The apostles accepted the nominations for those designated to help the widows from the people. Not only did they accept them, but they identified with them by laying hands on and praying for them. While the apostles could not get involved themselves, they did not totally ignore the situation, and prayed for the success of those who were elected. Are you praying for the success of others in their purpose? Are you staying close to those to whom you delegated duties? That would mean first that you know what their purpose is and second, that you care enough to stay close in case they need help.

Lord, You instruct me to serve others and put their interests ahead of my own. Give me sensitivity to the duties and needs of others as they carry out their purpose and then show me ways I can help them without taking back the responsibilities I have turned over to them.


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