Pearl 2: Your Yes
Pearl 4: Focus

Pearl 3: Trust Others

TOPIC: Purpose and Delegation

"Brothers and sisters, choose seven men from among you
who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom.
We will turn this responsibility over to them
and will give our attention to prayer
and the ministry of the word" - Acts 6:3-4.

When you let go of doing some things you are emotionally attached to doing, you have to trust others that they will have the same commitment as you do. Therefore, you don't stop doing things by giving them to just anyone, but you still must find a way to stop doing them nonetheless. Do you have struggle with letting go? Is change difficult for you? Have you worked to train others so that they will carry tasks out with your same high standards (this includes your children)?

Lord, my lack of trust in others is really a lack of trust in You. If You equipped me to do things, You can equip others to do them just as well or better. So I release my roles and responsibilities to you, so I can embrace the new things you have for me. Help me to trust others and You!


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