Pearl 28: Your Joy, Not Your Job
Pearl 30: Divine Energy

Pearl 29: A Different Perspective

TOPIC: Purpose and Occupation

"Our dear friend Luke, the doctor,
and Demas send greetings" - Colossians 4:14.

Luke reported what Paul did to make money in Acts and Paul returned the favor by telling us what Luke did in Colossians.  Neither man introduced or identified themselves by what they did to earn a living, but by what they did that gave them joy and expressed purpose. If you love missions but sell insurance, for example, perhaps you should introduce yourself as a missionary, even if you only go abroad for two weeks a year.  How do you see yourself where money, occupation and purpose are concerned?  What identity is uppermost in your mind? Do you need a change of thinking and perspective on this matter?

Lord, if I keep on doing and thinking as I always have, I will continue to get the same results.  I need to see my life. work and world differently and I need Your help to do so. Help me see myself from a purpose perspective and then give me the courage to state that to the world, not fearing criticism or ridicule.


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