Pearl 18: Second-Nature
Pearl 20: Helpers

Pearl 19: Handiwork

TOPIC: Purpose and Crafts   

" . . . to make artistic designs for work in gold,
silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood,
and to engage in all kinds of crafts" - Exodus 31:4-5.

God filled Bezalel with His Spirit, not to perform church duties like preaching, teaching or counseling. No, He filled him so he could work with his hands and do crafts like wood and metalwork. Bezalel's purpose was to work in his shop to produce works of art for the Lord! Did you ever consider that your artistic abilities are more than just a family trait or personal interest, that they are initiated and supported by God's Spirit? When you crochet, paint, sculpt, make jewelry or sew, have you seen yourself performing 'spiritual' activities? Maybe it's time to consider your artistic endeavors to be more than just a hobby or side interest?

Lord, there are times when I have not considered my artistic talents to be special, let alone inspired by Your Spirit. I accept these talents as Your gifts to me and the world around me, and I ask you for help to make them all they can be to do Your work and fulfill my purpose.


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