Q322: He Hears
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Q323: God is Watching

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Does he who formed the eye not see?" - Psalm 94:9.

The Lord not only sees your predicament, He also sees your actions. You cannot hide from Him and, just because He does not react, does not mean He doesn't see. He also may not reward you for your good deeds, but that again does not mean He has not seen and is pleased. God has a big book and a sharp pencil, so to speak, and records all that you do for and to His people, for good and not so good. Are you behaving like God is watching and recording your every act, regardless of whether or not the consequences are immediate? Read Esther 6 and notice how the king honored Mordecai after a long delay; then picture the Lord doing the same thing for you in due time.


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