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Q244: Growing

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Who is this King of glory?" - Psalm 24:8.

Today's question is one that should have an ongoing, evolving answer. The God you serve today is hopefully not the God you served last year.  No, God doesn't change, but your understanding of Him hopefully does change for the better. You should know Him better and appreciate Him more than you have at any time in the past.  Has your devotion, adoration and appreciation for the Lord grown over time? Is it still becoming deeper and richer? Read Jeremiah 9:23-24 and make it your aim and boast that you know the Lord more and more, better and better as time goes on.

Q243: Your Brothers

What would Jesus ask you today?

“Where is your brother Abel?” - Genesis 4:9.

The Lord asked Cain where his brother was after Cain had killed him. And Cain was evasive with his answer. Do you know where you brothers are?  To answer, you have to be part of a church body and know who your brothers and sisters are.  Then you must pay attention to their needs and condition, so you can answer this question on their behalf when the Lord asks you. Are you part of a regular fellowship group? Are you working to have close relationships so you can know the needs of the people in that group?  Read Hebrews 10:24-25 and make sure you heed its warning not to separate yourself from others.


As you are aware, I shipped over 179 boxes of books, shoes and supplies this past January.  Most of it went 1 David and Groupto the library project in Banana, but I kept out a few boxes of leadership books for a pastor whom I met in west Kenya, in the town of Bomet.  David Koech is not only a pastor, but the founder and overseer of the Kenduiwo Orphanage (pictured right with our team in 2011).  I met David through Chuck and Amy Bemm and I was immediately impressed with David and his leadership capabilites.

1 David and LibraryI promised David I would help him build a library (you can see the orphan's current library at left - click to enlarge), so these boxes were the downpayment on that promise. I called David when I arrived in Kenya and he was excited to hear about the books. He immediately made plans to come to Nairobi to pick up the five boxes.  I heard from him around 8 this morning, saying he would arrive at the hotel around 9 AM.  When he arrived, I went to the lobby to meet him and he was with a local friend and his son.

When I asked him what time he left home, he told me 3 AM!  What's more, he took public transportation 1 Boxesthe entire way.  That meant he had to take those five heavy boxes (pictured right) back with him another six hours on the same public transportation, which meant those boxes were probably strapped to the top of a bus. What's more, David had never been to the Hilton Hotel where I am staying and needed to meet someone here to show him how to get here. He is quite a man and leader.

I am not sure I would ride twelve hours on public transport in the same day to pick up five boxes of books, but that is the calibre of leader that David is. When he told me of the maize crisis in west Kenya, I also gave him a large donation toward the purchase of food for the orphans, along with copies of my latest book and two copies of the Jesus film in Kswahili and English.  David had never heard of the the Jesus film.

I was humbled by David's commitment and his genuine appreciation for these small acts of kindness toward him.  He asked that I consider coming to his area next February with our team for some leadership training with his leaders and churches.  How can I say no? 

1 SheilaAfter my encounter with David, I walked over to Easy FM for my interview with Sheila (pictured left), and was confronted with the reason why I am here this week (I tried to leave and get home early). I was supposed to meet Sheila!  I had a profiling session with her today after the show that I know changed her life's course, and I was awed that God would leave me here for this week just to meet Sheila (and David). I have been fretting over my lack of seminars this week to pay for the trip (I had planned two), and was striving to make the most of the time. I don't think I am going to fret any longer.

This is how life is supposed to be lived:  Doing what you love in the will of God. Thank You, Lord, that you have enabled me to do the things I have done. To God be the glory!

Q242: Your Business

What would Jesus ask you today?

“If I want him to remain alive until I return,
what is that to you? You must follow me" - John 21:22.

You must learn to mind your own spiritual business and meddle in the affairs of others.  That means not comparing how God is working in someone else's life, or try to follow His plan for their life. You have your own path of discipleship to walk and walk it you must, regardless of what others do or God does for them. Are you minding your own spiritual business? Are you busy finding your own cross and carrying it, or are you fretting about what others are or are not doing? Make it your goal to do just what Jesus commanded in Matthew 16:23-25.

Good Feedback

Last week I had a one-on-one with a person here in Kenya to talk about purpose. Here is the feedback this person sent me this morning:

"Meeting you was life-changing and the morning of 20/8 will be forever etched in my memory. I can only thank God who made it possible and do my best to develop my full potential. It's hard but I am certainly going to do the best I can. I pray the God will continue to use you to transform many more lives as you have mine."

This is why I do what I do. I have worked the last 20 years to become the best I can be at what I do, and God has helped me. Now I pray He will help me multiply my effectiveness as I work to set His people free from their old thinking and limitations. How about you?  Are you ready to change and move on?

1 Boys StudyingThis is why I believe God is opening more doors for me in media, so that the purpose message can reach and touch more people. I am available and ready; His will be done.

Also, if you are interested in the progress of the library we help found here in Kenya, you can see the pictures from my visit here.  This is just another example of more good stuff happening here.


REMEMBER KENYA:  I will be a guest on Easy FM Wednesday morning at 10 AM.  Please listen in!

Q241: Questions

What would Jesus ask you today?

"If then David calls him 'Lord,' how can he be his son?" - Matthew 22:45.

Jesus asked many questions when He was teaching, helping people understand His points.  This helped them come to their own conclusions as opposed to Him imposing answers on them. Someone once said that quality questions lead to a quality life. Is your life filled with quality questions?  Are you seeking the Lord for answers to things that are beyond your grasp right now? When you get answers, do you pursue new questions? Even Jesus did this, as you can see in Luke 2:45-46.  If this was His style of learning and teaching, don't you think it should be yours as well?

Q240: Unity

What would Jesus ask you today?

"If Satan is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand?" - Luke 11:18.

Unity of purpose is a powerful tool for any team. That is why God is so clear that you must do all you can to preserve the unity in the Body, and that is why the enemy is so determined to mar that unity. Are you a source of unity or discord? What can you do to be an agent of reconciliation, harmony and unity? Read Matthew 18:19 and see the power that is inherent when just a few are united in purpose and pray. Then go find some likeminded believers and release that power in unity.


ATTENTION KENYA! I am hosting a free Seven Steps of a PurposeQuest seminar this coming Saturday from 10 to 1.  The first 100 people to register will be admitted.  Write to secure your place. No one will be admitted without a registration number.  See you Saturday!

The Past Week in Kenya

I returned from Zanzibar to a full week here in Kenya. It started last Sunday when I spoke in Kangemi at the Harvest Church at both services.  Then on Monday I drove up with a team to Naivasha (75 minute drive) to 1 Pastorsspeak one day at Nakuru and one at Naivasha to pastors and leaders (pictured left-click to enlarge).  We had 200 and 250 leaders in both places respectively, and I talked to them about the importance of leaders saying "no" to what they cannot do so they can embrace what they were created to do - and just how tough that process can be, especially when ministry is involved.

Then I came back on Thursday to do a few one-on-one purpose sessions.  Then I made a visit to the Each One Touch One Orphanage in the Donnholm section of Nairobi.  It was good to see Alice, the founder, who is still struggling a bit with her eyesight due to cataracts.  What's more, August is a holiday 1 EOTOO Groupmonth, so some of the children had been sent out to be with guardians and what family they may have.  I think that's great that they make every effort to keep the children tied to some family, no matter how distant.  Of course, I delivered $4,000 to Alice for food and got updates on the children and their efforts to become certified as an orphanage. The EOTOO team and children are pictured right.

1 DISC ClassThen I returned to the hotel to prepare for Friday and Saturday when I co-hosted a DISC Certification seminar in the Karen area of Nairobi with my good friend and student, Irene Mureithi (pictured right).  I had four students (pictured left) and we had a wonderful time. Well, at least I thought it was wonderful. I hope they did, too.

This week I have a number of people to meet and things to do, although some of the seminars I planned have been postponed for the time being. I can't wait to visit our library project in Banana 1 Irene and Meand see the progress there.  Of course, you will see the progress, too!  I will keep you posted on what I find and see.

Thank you for your support that allowed me to come here and be a blessing.  I pray God's choicest blessings on you and ask that you pray for more doors to open this week as together we seek to impact lives here.  Thanks again!

Q239: A Narrow View

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Or haven't you read in the Law that on the Sabbath
the priests in the temple desecrate the day and yet are innocent?" - Matthew 12:5.

It is an interesting phenomenon that the more Bible one knows, the meaner one can become! The Pharisees took a narrow, legalistic view of Scripture and it caused them to miss the more important values therein, like love, mercy and grace. What has Scripture done for you - made your more compassionate or more legalistic? As you grow in your understanding, do you grow in grace? Read Luke 11:41-54 and ask the Lord to show you if you adopted the approach the Pharisees took in any are of life or biblical study.

Q238: The Cover

What would Jesus ask you today?

"But what did you go out to see" - Luke 7:26.

John the Baptist was a strange sort of fellow, with an unusual outfit and diet!  Yet God chose him to prepare the way and all Israel went to check him out. It is easy to judge someone by their exterior and determine whether or not he or she can be used of God. Are you judging anyone right now by how they look or any other personal preference? You may be missing what God has in store for you because you are judging a book by its cover, as the old saying goes. Read Isaiah 53:1-3 and see that God can hide His treasures in plain packaging, as was the case with Jesus Himself.