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Q152: Can't See

What would Jesus ask you today?

"How is it you don't understand
that I was not talking to you about bread?" - Matthew 16:11.

It is possible for you not to understand God and His Word because of assumptions, preconceived notions, bad thinking, or bad teaching your have heard. The Bible is truth, but your perception of truth can be flawed. The problem is greater when your assumption is that you know when you really don't. How can you know when this is happening in your life?  Read Philippians 3:3-6 to see Saul's spiritual pedigree and realize that he could not see the truth until Jesus opened his eyes. Ask Jesus to show you any area in your life where you have the same problem.

Q151: Pagans

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Do not even pagans do that?” - Matthew 5:47.

The world is consistently disappointed when they look to see something different in the church and can't find it. What are they looking for?  Usually they expect to find love and care for the needy and downtrodden. When that is absent, they dismiss the church as irrelevant. Is your behavior distinctive from the pagans among whom you live? When pagans see you, do they acknowledge that you live by your convictions and represent Christ? Read 1 Peter 3:8-17 and then be prepared to live a lifestyle that glorifies God and His work in your life.

Q150: Redemption

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?"- Mark 12:16.

The Jews tried to trap Jesus but he turned the tables by giving His famous, "Render unto Caesar" response. Jesus did not condemn politics but rather instructed the listeners to be righteous in their dealings. Do you see the "world" as evil and to be avoided, or do you see it all as part of God's kingdom that needs to be redeemed? This will determine whether you get involved or sit on the sideline to criticize and condemn. Read Colossians 1:19-20 and see that God's will is to reconcile and redeem all things to Christ, which includes education, business, the arts and even politics.

Q149: Repent

What would Jesus ask you today?

"How long shall I put up with you?" - Mark 9:19.

The good news is that God 'puts up' with us a long time, but even God's patience has limits. Yet even when God works to discipline you, it is for your own good and the judgment is seldom as severe as it could be. Don't take advantage of God's grace, however, and mistake it for acceptance of your behavior or attitude, but rather endeavor to change with His help. Are you testing the limits of God's patience? Read Romans 2:4 and then ask God to show you where you need to repent, which just means to turn around and move in the opposite direction.

Orphanage Report

I received the following report and pictures from Alice at the Each One Touch One Orphanage last week:

Dear Dr. John and The March 2012 Team,

EOTOO children and Members are fine in the Lord.  They thank God and all the march 2012 Team Members for the Love, Peace and Joy shared during that visit.  See the picture attached.

1 New HouseEOTOO moved to new premises have now settled in the new house (pictured left).  The children have embarked on the second term of Primary Education academic year..  Because of the distance of the new residence, the children now have to pay an estimated Kshs 10,800.00 (roughly 130 USD) per month for hot lunch.  This is only made possible by the will of God through the Sophia Fund and we wish to thank all those who make  contributions to this vital kitty.

This term, EOTOO has been blessed as Gaudencia won sponsorship to a Boarding School after topping her class of 189 three times.  She left on Sunday the 13th May, for Kitale Academy.  Her sponsor is a young lady from Norway who visited EOTOO in May 2011 (pictured right) and promised 1 Gaudenciaher a gift of her choice if she topped her class.  She worked very hard achieving that goal by end of Nov, 2011 and requested to be sponsored to a Boarding School for better opportunities and exposure.  This has motivated all of us and the rest of the EOTOO children into working harder in class.  Thanks to the build up of reading material and other recreational items from the Deborah Fund and all those that contribute to it (pictured left below).  This facility helped Gaudencia to develop her English language thus grasping the teachings in class easily.

1 EOTOO BooksTowards registration, the change of premises gave us a setback and have had to apply afresh for inspection from the Nairobi City Council which should be done as soon as the fire extinguishers are installed.  We are in the process of finalizing arrangements with a Social Worker for an equivalent of three days in a week.  We shall renew the health certificate of the cook - due this month.  A survey for the installation of fire extinguishers has been made and installation will be done any time after consultation with the landlord.  We have paid for and acquired 2 certificates of good conduct for Alice and Rose (Chair-lady) and have three more that we hope to get soon (for the Caretaker, Treasurer and Cook).  We are trying to put as many requirements in place as possible in order to 1 Karenqualify through the Children's Department for a Certificate of registration as a Charitable Children's Institution (CCI).  Thanks to your Mission, Karen/her family and all the other supporters (Karen pictured right with Alice and Maggie).

God bless all of you and thanks to God for the Union that we share in bringing up the children.

Alice for the EOTOO family.

I will be visiting Kenya again this coming August and it's not too early to give toward the support of EOTOO and the other works we have in Kenya.  You can make a contribution through my website or by sending a check to PurposeQuest, PO Box 8882, Pittsburgh, PA 15221-0882.  Every penny I receive goes toward food and other necessities for the children and widows, so your contributions are for exactly what you give them to achieve - no fees or salaries are taken out.  Now that's a good deal for a good cause, so give today and help me bless the children when I go over in August.

Q148: Harvest

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Do you not say, 'Four months more and then the harvest'?" - John 4:35.

Jesus went on to say after this question, "Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." Of course He was talking about lives to be won for His kingdom. Do you see ripe fields, or are you focused on how bad things are in the world?  Are you shaking your head at rampant sin, or do you see that as many people who are hungry and searching for God? Read 1 Peter 3:15 and then do you part to lead people to Christ by being ready to provide the answers they seek where Christ is concerned.

Q147: Clarity

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Do you understand what you are reading?" - Acts 8:30.

First of all, this question assumes that you are reading the Bible and perhaps other supportive material. Then it presumes that you are not just reading, but reading to comprehend and apply what you learn to your life.  Is this the case?  Do you have a Bible reading program?  Do you have a strategy to get your questions answered about the Word?  Do you have a reading program to supplement the Word? Read Nehemiah 8:1-8 and see that the people listened to the Word but also had someone helping them clarify the meaning.  You should approach the Word in the same manner.

Q146: More Beautiful

What would Jesus ask you today?

"What do you have that you did not receive?" - 1 Corinthians 4:7.

Your gifts, opportunities, looks, personality, insight, and strengths all came from the Lord, so you cannot be proud about what you have. Yet you can be honest about what you have and determine to use it for God's glory without being proud, and you can work to maximize them all.  What did you receive from the Lord? How can you make it more effective and productive for Him? Read Esther 2:7-9 and see that Esther's beauty was God's doing, but how she was given treatments to be even more beautiful. Then determine to do the same thing with whatever it is God has given you to be or do for Him.

Q145: Enslaved

What would Jesus ask you today?

"Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?" - Galatians 4:9.

You were created to best function by serving God, but if you don't do that, you will serve someone or something else. If you don't replace your old habits with new, godly ones, then the old ones will once again return and dominate your life, thinking and behavior. Where are you enslaved to anything other than God's best for your life?  Is it reality TV?  Worrying? Spending money on things you don't need?  Read John 4:4-30 to read about a woman who was enslaved to relationships with men and see how Jesus set her free!

Q144: Weak & Miserable

What would Jesus ask you today?

"How is it that you are turning back
to those weak and miserable principles?" - Galatians 4:9.

When you are set free in Christ, it makes no sense to turn back to useless practices like horoscopes, superstitions, good luck charms, and playing the lottery or resorting to other get-rich-quick schemes. It is also futile to pursue strategies that exalt the wisdom of man as opposed to the wisdom of God. Where are you still in bondage or resorting to weak and miserable principles and practices that have not helped you to this point in your life? When will you totally commit to do things God's way? Read Acts 9:8-24 to learn about a man named Simon who had turned to God but continued to act in accordance with weak and miserable principles, and it almost cost him dearly.