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Today Kathryn and I depart for Myrtle Beach where I will speak at a leadership conference.  I have worked hard on my presentations and have two sessions.  My titles are "The Church in The Post-Modern Age:  What's All This Talk About Purpose?" and "New Competencies for Global Leaders."  I am looking forward to speaking and making new friends and building new relationships.  I am also excited that Kathryn's is coming along.

When I say "coming along," I don't just mean that she is traveling to be with me.  Kathryn has launched a new line of jewelry called MetaLace and she is showing her work to a shop where we are going.  In fact, she has what is called a "trunk show" in the Washington DC area in a few weeks, that's how good it is.  You can see for yourself since her jewelry is now online to advertise the show at the Zenith Gallery (click on The Shop and then on Kathryn's name to see her work).  We certainly hope that the shop in Myrtle Beach decides to carry her line.

I wrote about Kathryn's purpose in Monday Memo 222 if you would care to read about her PurposeQuest.  We have been married for 32 years and she is one of the most artistic and creative people I know, although she doesn't think so.  And that is so typical of creative people:  They don't think there is anything special about what they do.

I hope you view her jewelry and then read her story.  Then ask yourself what you have that you can produce that will bless others and release your own creativity.  It's there.  Often you just have to work past your own hesitancy about what others will say to let it flow.  And if you live in the DC area, come out and see Kathryn's show March 31-April 2.  Information is on the shop's website. 

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